I worked with racehorses for ten years, which is why you will often find horses (and their magical cousins, such as unicorns) in my books. This is me riding a horse called Lomand on the Yeats Trail in Ireland.


I have Welsh and Spanish ancestry, which might explain my fascination with myths and legends. The book that inspired me to start writing fantasy fiction was Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. I've read it 11 times.

I also have a first class degree in Mathematics... this didn't teach me how to write but it helps me understand my royalty statements! 


One of the best things about writing my kind of books is that I have readers all around the world. Here I am with Mikiel, the Agenda Kids Club mascot, during my Seven Fabulous Wonders tour of Malta in 2007.

Mikiel is holding a copy of The Cleopatra Curse, which is about chariot racing in ancient Alexandria and a young slave's quest to win his freedom.




In 2014/15, I was the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Plymouth University helping students and staff with their academic writing. In return, I learned a little about a lot of different subjects, ranging from nursing to 4G communications.

During the year, I was mentored by poet Alyson Hallett of the Stone Library, so look out for a poetic migrating stone in my next novel.


Some of the exciting things at the start of my career, like winning the Branford Boase Award for my debut novel Song Quest, and flying to San Francisco to launch Spellfall at the American Libraries Association conference, happened before everyone got online and started shouting about them. That's probably just as well, otherwise there would be a lot more photos of me. Instead, here's the magical Branford Boase butterfly.

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